Who Is Rixen US?

With over 20 years in the cable wake park industry, Mike Olson and Kai Fusser have been involved in every aspect of the cable wake park building process. From business plans to design to construction and marketing.

Cable wake park competition setting.

Rixen US Cable Park Installations

  • Isla de Margarita Cable Park – Venezuela
  • Ski Rixen Jekyll Island – Georgia
  • Wet’n Wild – Orlando, Florida
  • Technical Consultant: 2000-Present
  • Texas Ski Ranch – New Braunfels, Texas
  • KC Water Sports – Hillsdale Kansas
  • Revolution Cable Park – Ft.Myers, Florida
  • McCormick Watersports – Tampa, Florida
  • Wet’n Wild – Orlando, Florida
  • Santee Cable Park – Santee, California

Mike Olson

Mike on a wakeboard.

Mike graduated from the University of Kansas with a BFA in advertising and a masters in business Since that time he has worked as a Land Development Consultant and was the President of Continental Exploration. Mike has built Kansas City Watersports and has been the managing owner since day one.

For the past 10 years Mike has been involved in the ownership, operations, development, consulting and sales of several wake parks in the U.S. In 2002 he constructed KC Watersports and operated it until 2011. In 2011 he sold KC, and partnered with Peter Kennedy to create Wake Nation Houston. Wake Nation Houston opened in May of 2011.


BS University of Kansas, MBA Baker University


  • Partner Wake Nation Houston, Houston, Texas 2010 – Present
    • Responsible for the acquisition and development of the site. Involved in all areas of management and operations of the Houston site.
  • KC Watersports 2002 – 2011
    • Owner – Responsible for the acquisition, rezoning and development of cable wake park. Worked with engineers and excavating company in the construction of the main lake and the water storage lake. Currently responsibilities include the management of operations, sponsorship development and marketing of park.
  • Cable Wake Parks:2007-Present
    • Partner in a newly formed company that distributes the German manufactured cable waterski system to North America. CWP also offers consulting and management services.
  • City of Lake Quivira 2007 – Present
    • City Councilman – Elected city official responsible for road maintenance, lake dam inspections, and involved in rezoning issues.
  • Homewood Estates 2003 – 2004
    • Developer – Contracted by property owner to rezone and subdivide 110 acres of rural property in to residential lots.
  • Continental Exploration Inc.
    • President – Owned and operated several hundred oil producing wells in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. Responsible for leasing, drilling and operating properties. Supervised construction of several lakes and retention ponds.

Technical Consultant:

  • Revolution Cable Park – Ft.Meyers, Florida
  • McCormick Watersports – Tampa, Florida
  • Wake Nation – Fairfield, Ohio
  • WakeSport Ranch – Cressen, Texas
  • Cowtown Wake Park, Ft Worth Texas
  • Wake Zone Oklahoma City, Ok
  • Barefoot Ski Ranch Waco, Texas

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Josh Potter

Josh on a wakeboard and with his dog.

Josh has traveled all over the world professionally skiing and wakeboarding in shows. While spending time in Germany, performing at Holiday Park, Josh learned about the cable and has been hooked ever since. Josh has run cables both in South Africa and all over the United States and helped install both TSR and KC Watersports.


  • 8 Years of Cable Experience
  • 9 Years of Professional Wakeboarding/Skiing at Theme Parks
  • Sea World San Antonio: 2000, 2002 – 03 & 05 – Present
    • Manager, Mechanic & Professional Wakeboarder/Skier
  • Holiday Park Hassloch, Germany: 2001
    • Professional Wakeboarder/Skier
    • Introduced and started riding cable systems.
  • Base 3 Midrand, Johannesburg South Africa: 2001-2002
    • Operator
  • Texas Ski Ranch New Braunfels, TX: 2002-2005
    • Assisted in Installation of Cable System
    • Cable Manager & Mechanic
  • Cable Wake Parks partner: 2007-2008

Technical Consultant:

  • KC Watersports – Hillsdale, KS
  • McCormick Watersports – Tampa, Florida
  • Wake Nation – Fairfield, Ohio


  • Nationally Competitive Wakeboarder 2002 – Present
  • Wakeboard and Waterski Coach 1999 – Present

Tim Hamilton & Joe

Tim and Joe

Tim and Joe both graduated from the University of Missouri and have degrees in Electrical Engineering. They have both worked on control systems for water plants for over twenty years. They have built a cable computer system from scratch and are also a key part of the Cable Wake Parks team ensuring that all the systems are installed and running properly and efficiently.