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Rixen US can assist you in building a business to plan and design your park. We are happy to help you in selecting a location, designing the site and help with construction. Download some or all of the worksheets below free of charge!

Cable wake park digital readout.

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Getting Started

Cable wake park created by Rixen US.

Selecting A Location

A few things to keep in mind when selecting a location:

  • A good summer climate. Canada, Germany, Norway and Kansas have shown that cable systems work well in colder climates.
  • Close proximity to a well populated area. Many cities in the U.S. can sustain multiple cables. Keep in mind there are over 45 cables in the small country of Germany.
  • A sound sporting and recreation culture.
  • Areas looking to grow tourism income through a unique environmentally friendly activity.
  • Areas seeking an athletic family activity.
  • You will either end up spending money on your location or advertising to tell people where you are located.

Selecting A Site

A few things to keep in mind when selecting a site:

  • most as easy to make an artificial pond if you have a sufficient water source.
  • Property size may vary depending on sports you wish to incorporate.
  • The water quality should be good for swimming if using an existing pond.
  • Many ideal sites are made by accident when fill is needed to create overpasses on new interstates.
  • The water area should not be exposed to waves, which is to be considered for sea or large lake installations. There are a variety of solutions to help reduce or break waves in these installations.
  • An infrastructure (electricity and water) needs to be close to the Starting Platform.
  • An existing parking area, or space for one, should be close to the infrastructure.
  • Room for possible expansion.
  • Easy accessibility.
  • Good visibility helps to reduce needed marketing investment.
  • Proximity to schools, universities and camps for educational purposes.

Design & Construction

Rixen US will also help in the design and construction process of your cable wake park.

Animated look at a design concept for a cable wake park.

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