Wake Park Features

Long gone are those days when were obstacles were built out of wood, plastic pallets or metal frames. In the past years wakeboarding has become extremely popular. Consequently obstacles must be manufactured in accordance with evolving standards.

Close-up of Rixen logo on an obstacle.

Benefits of Wake Park Features

  • Shatterproof PE-Surface
  • Riding Comfort
  • White surface to place your brand

Rixen PDF Wake Park Features

Wake Park Features

Rixen obstacle with wakeboarder riding it.

For more than 50 years Rixen Cableways GmbH has been a world market leader and has become well- known for its high quality and longevity within all product divisions. Research and development of our obstacles has become one of the central pillars of our technical department. We are continuously developing the best possible shapes with our engineers, technicians and our team riders. Those new shapes are going through an endurance test and are optimized to deliver rider friendly and durable obstacles to our customers. Furthermore our obstacles are officially certified for international competitions.

Quality Obstacles

Our Homogeneous obstacles are produced through a plastic welding process, which guarantees long maintenance free operations. Rounded edges and screw-free constructions characterize our complete obstacle line and set standards in operational safety.

Shatterproof PE-surface

The newly developed UV resistant, white and shatterproof PE-surface offers better gliding properties than other surfaces due to its lower friction. In addition the improved tread stiffness feature even less corrugation. These solutions offer a high security standard and minimize injuries. This results in more ride comfort and pleasure for your customers.

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