Bro In The Box

Rixen now offer the original two tower cable system in a portable format. The NEW Bro in the Box is best way to ride without disturbing the environment you set it up in.

Close-up of wakeboarder.

Electrical Requirements

  • 480 V 3phase
  • 25amp service
  • 60 Hz
  • 7,5 kW with 2880 / 133 revolutions/min.

Other Electrical Items of Note

  • Energy efficient, average power consumption under $10/day

Bro In The Box PDF

Bro In The Box

Bro In The Box set up on a lake.

No external anchors! Hydraulics lift the tower and once the cable is raised, you are ready to ride! All of the same great features and commercial construction of the Little Bro complete in its own shipping container.

BRO in the BOX: 4 Programmed Modes

Beginner: (2 groups of beginners on each side, capacity up to 200 Starts/hour)

Beginner starts and rides to secondary end, system reduces speed automatically and handle bar can be passed to next waiting rider of second group at secondary starting ramp. This rider returns then rides back to the motor tower and gets in line again.

Alternative: (1 Pro Group with deepwater start, capacity 100 rounds/hour)

Rider holds on handle, carrier goes slowly around deflecting pulley; rider sets down and makes deepwater start and returns to starting ramp. Upon returning to the motor tower the speed automatically stops and then starts over for next rider.

Pro Turns: (1 Pro Group with loopdrive, capacity 100 rounds/hour)

For experienced riders group; Rider makes full pass to secondary tower where system switches direction quickly and rider makes a loop. Rider then returns to the starting point where system automatically stops and next rider begins again.

Pro Open Loop: (constant ride with loops on both ends, rider continuously goes without stopping.)

For single pro riders- constant drive – rider makes loop on both ends. Riders turn can be as long as desired.

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