Rixen Big Bro Full Size System

The “Big BRO” gets it’s nickname from the acronym “Bruno Rixen Original.” Rixen is not only the inventor of the Cable System, but has installed over 150 cable systems worldwide during their 50-year history.

Arial view of the Big Bro cable system.

Electrical Requirements

  • 3phase
  • 480v
  • Delta Y
  • 60 Hertz
  • 125 amp service

Other Electrical Items of Note

  • Minimal standard 110v is also need for certain components.
  • Energy efficient, average power consumption under $15/day
  • Systems currently running in the U.S. use 13kw/hour

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Big Bro

Big Bro cable system at a sunny wakeboarding event.

Rixen cables account for 9 out of every 10 cables installed, including 13 full size system in the U.S. This unique product can add excitement to any park by offering waterskiing, kneeboarding and wakeboarding to your park. In addition, shows & tournaments can be hosted on your Cable Wake Park to entertain your guests with world class, non stop thrills. While some companies have tried to duplicate the cable system, no one can equal Rixen’s experience, safety and ingenuity.

Big Bro Details

A RIXEN BIG BRO cableway has 4, 5 or 6 masts. Cantilevers are connected to those masts and extend out over the water where you will find 2 pulleys attached. One of these 13 to 15 m long masts is the motor mast which holds the drive and the technics for the coupling and decoupling of the skiers. Rixen has also created a full size system that has two starting areas and can greatly increase the amount of traffic a cable system can handle. The cables run from tower to tower and have carriers fixed along the cable to attach ski ropes. The start ramp is at a right angle to the running cables and the starting skier will be slowly accelerated. This is one of the patented solutions from Rixen Seilbahnen. The skier will be pulled on a long curve under the running cables in a perfect acceleration. The system is ideal for both beginners and professional athletes to utilize simultaneously. The distance between the skiers is 70 to 90 meters so the bigger the lake, the longer the cable, the more skiers can be accommodated. Suitable lakes or ponds should have a minimum width of 90 meters and a minimum length of 170 meters to offer a profitable operation of the water ski cableway. Although the minimum water depth is 1 meter and in the starting area 1.2 meter, demanded by the TÜV (Technical Control Board) Cable Wake Parks recommends at least two to three meters for maximum safety.

Cable Length

Depending on the available water area the cable length can be between 400 to 1500 meters, most water ski cableways are 600 to 900 meters. The longest possible length of one stretch is 310 meters. This distance is sufficient to host national and international water ski championships, but not needed for Wakeboard competitions.

Rixen Quality

Rixen systems are built to the highest standards. Because Rixen is the inventor of the system our experience in innovating and safety can not be matched. Because we are the industry leader and Rixen has installed over 90% of the systems worldwide our experience can not be matched. Product safety: The Rixen water ski and wakeboard cableways are product certified by the TÜV (Technical Control Board).

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Rixen Big Bro: Germany

Big Bro cable system at a German cool location.

A common misconception is that cables need to be in a hot climate to succeed. While there are over 60 in Germany alone, the CWP cables in Kansas and Ohio and quickly proving that they can succeed just about anywhere in the U.S.

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