The "Big BRO" gets it's nickname from the acronym "Bruno Rixen Original." Rixen is not only the inventor of the Cable System, but has installed over 150 cable systems worldwide during their 50-year history.

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The two tower version of the traditional cable system. The "Little BRO" can add an exciting new attraction to your park at a fraction of the cost of other amusement rides.

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Rixen now offers the original two tower cable system in a portable format. The NEW Bro in the Box is the best way to ride without disturbing the environment you set it up in.

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Exclusive distributor of Rixen cable systems in the U.S.

The unique overhead cable system allows several wakeboarders to be pulled at one time without the need for a boat. Systems are environmentally friendly, can accommodate as many as 12 riders at a time, and can be installed in relatively small bodies of water.

Wake Park Features

Over 50 Years of developing the best possible shapes with our engineers, technicians and our team riders.

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Rixen Parts

Rixen US has a wide variety of parts available to fit all your Rixen cables and obstacles.

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Rixen US Consulting

While in the planning stages we can help a great deal to make your dream become a reality.

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Rixen US can assist you in building a business to plan and design your park. We are happy to answer any initial questions, and if you decide to utilize our consulting services, we will rebate much of it back when you purchase a Rixen Cable through Rixen US. Below are some of our services:

  • Site Planing, Evaluation, Design and Development
  • Legal / Permitting
  • Marketing: Website, Logo Design and Event Planning
  • Safety Training
  • Long-term Maintenance Agreements
  • Slider and Kicker Planning and Construction

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Cable wake park created by Rixen US.